• Women with Wings

    The Women’s Mystery School holds within it the potential of a future where we as women hold the highest possible reflection of balance, beauty, and power as we step into the new cycle of humankind. Let us unfurl our wings and fly as high as we can together.
    We invite you to share in these imaginings that the dream may begin to unfold:

    1. I imagine that women and men are equal.

    2. I imagine that life is challenge and giving to experience life and balance.

    3. I imagine that sex is natural, sacred and beautiful.

    4. I imagine that all humans are born to like to learn and grow.

    5. I imagine that I can live my life, question my experience and change my existence.

    6. I imagine that I can help change conditions of my world and my personal circumstances.

    7. I imagine I can listen to creation directly and I need no interpreter.

    8. I imagine I can be myself even in those times when I am pained by others.

    9. I imagine I am my own authority and my own teacher.

    10. I imagine that all information must be questioned by me to learn.

    11. I imagine that I can be the kind teacher to myself.

    12. I imagine that I am a self-responsible human who will teach others to care for our sacred Mother Earth with Beauty.

    *The 12 Imaginings of the Grandmothers, an excerpt from the book Lightning Bolt by Hyemehosts Storm